“KO” Stop® is so easy to use

The application of the beverage protection is an intuitive and
uncomplicated process that is completed in a few simple steps.

1. Unpack the beverage protection cover from the package
First, the package, which is designed similar to a condom package, is carefully torn open. This should be done in a way that does not damage the drink protection cover inside.

2. Remove the beverage protection cover from the package
After opening the package, the beverage protector is removed. It is then carefully stretched between the fingers to the desired size. Special care should be taken to ensure that the protection is not accidentally torn or otherwise damaged. The stretchability of the natural rubber latex material allows for flexible adjustment to different glass and cup sizes. The reusable silicone version is also stretchy.
3. Pull the beverage protection cover over the container
The next step is to place the beverage protector over the glass or cup. This should be done so that the protector fits evenly over the edge of the container and forms a secure seal. The construction of the drink protector is designed to fit tightly to the glass to provide maximum safety against spills and external influences.

4. Drink protection cover. Optionally insert a straw
Once the beverage protector has been pulled securely over the glass, a straw can be inserted through the opening provided if desired. The opening is sized to tightly enclose the straw, adding another element of security.
5. Stop celebrating with “KO” – leave all your worries behind
Finally comes the most pleasant part of the process: the relaxed celebration. With the knowledge that the drink is now protected by a reliable and stylish cover, the enjoyment of the evening can be enjoyed to the full. All worries about a spilled drink, insects in the drink or unwanted substances are forgotten. Whether at a large party, a festival or an intimate gathering, the "KO" Stop Drink Guard offers an innovative solution to a long-standing dilemma and enables a safe and worry-free drinking experience.